The conference will be held in Maynooth University, Maynooth, Greater Dublin, Ireland.

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The university is located in the town of Maynooth, Kildare County, Ireland, 20 km west of Dublin. It consists of two connected campuses; an older south campus of 19th century buildings, shared with St Patrick’s College, and a modern north campus.


The most important historical buildings in the town are within the University campus, some of which were built before the foundation of the college, while others are in the late Georgian and neo-Gothic revival style.

As the home town of the Fitzgerald family, Maynooth’s historical significance is proudly on display throughout the town. The spectacular ruins of Maynooth Castle lie beside St Patrick’s College, this huge structure housed generations of the Fitzgerald family, the rulers of Kildare.

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St. Patrick’s College build in 1521 in an elegant gothic style was closed during the Protestant reformation by reopened in 1795 when the penal laws suppressing Catholicism were finally relaxed.

Carton House was one of Ireland’s greatest stately homes and one time ancestral seat of the Earls of Kildare and Dukes of Leinster. Nowadays Carton House is a luxury hotel and spa.


Today, Maynooth is a thriving market town full of shops and business, restaurants and bars, pubs and clubs.

Wherever you want to go, it’s only a couple of minutes away, that’s the beauty of pocket sized town, nothing is too far.


Public transportation in Maynooth Town

Maynooth is well served by motorway, rail and bus links.
Maynooth has two suburban bus routes, the 66 and the 67a. (http://www.buseireann.ie/) .
The town is also served by Bus Eireann (http://www.buseireann.ie/)and private coach companies en route to Galway and the west of Ireland.
Trains are approximately hourly up until 6pm and go direct to Dublin city centre.


A short train or bus ride will take you to the heart of Dublin City. Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland and is Ireland’s largest city. It is located on the east coast of Ireland, overlooking Dublin Bay. Dublin City is surrounded by the greater Dublin area or Dublin County where the visitor can find an abundance of picturesque seaside villages, rolling mountains and rural hinterland, all within half an hour of the city centre.

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Top tourist attractions to see in Dublin are: Trinity College Dublin, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Christ Church Cathedral, Guinness Store House, Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin Castle, Phoenix Park, Croke Park, Leinster House and National Gallery of Ireland.

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Dublin offers scenarios for all tastes. From urban life to the historical streets of Temple Bar, Dublin is one of the oldest cities in Europe, built between high mountains and the sea. An endless offer of activities, fun and historical tours that will leave you fascinated.

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